Morning Dove rained out…

This poor Morning Dove started to build its nest in our barn gutter. Every time it rains she sits on the edge and waits until the shower is over. I hope her chicks survive.

Out in the Snow

Here I am taking the pictures in the snowstorm. My camera and tripod froze in the driving snow. But it was worth the pictures.

Birddogs, Dogs & Wildlife

Welcome to my blog. I will write about my birddogs, photography and travels.

I am passionate about nature and wildlife photography. It brings me up close to nature and to places I maybe would not have gone otherwise, place that are quiet and that I crave in my normally busy world. Taking images of nature and wildlife is a very spiritual experience.

Namibia Trip

We are back from Namibia for some time and most of the wildlife images are online now. It was a great experience to see the Wildlife in their natural habitat. I took well over 1000 thousand images and was overwhelmed with editing. But here we are. Check out

taking a free hand shot with my Canon 400mm/1:2.8

At Brigadoon Farm we were quickly adopted by Batida She was a real sweetheart and made

Batida adopted us

sure we could sleep with our doors open.