Birddogs, Dogs & Wildlife

Welcome to my blog. I will write about my birddogs, photography and travels.

I am passionate about nature and wildlife photography. It brings me up close to nature and to places I maybe would not have gone otherwise, place that are quiet and that I crave in my normally busy world. Taking images of nature and wildlife is a very spiritual experience.

Namibia Trip

We are back from Namibia for some time and most of the wildlife images are online now. It was a great experience to see the Wildlife in their natural habitat. I took well over 1000 thousand images and was overwhelmed with editing. But here we are. Check out

taking a free hand shot with my Canon 400mm/1:2.8

At Brigadoon Farm we were quickly adopted by Batida She was a real sweetheart and made

Batida adopted us

sure we could sleep with our doors open.